Casino Heroes – For those who will be able to Fight a Boss and Conquer Money!

In 2021 it is difficult to surprise customers with a wide range of games, is not it? Therefore, to compete with others, Casino Heroes comes with an extended game adventure, including bonuses and promotions. As a result, to get the money you need to have a fight with different nasty enemies at first. Only real heroes will be able to cope with this battle. So, try it out to become one of them.

Interesting to notice that Casino Heroes was created by game lovers. This team is an old hand at gambling. Apart from the usual slots and table games, they offer absolutely new thrilling adventure with sweet treasures. It is no wonder this developers have managed to lift the casino up to the tops in Canada.

On top of that, Casino Heroes delivers players a huge variety of game types from classic slots to life-changing jackpots. Therefore, if you do not like to win few cents in table games you can always try your luck and hit the jackpot. Moreover, they focus on quality as well. It is true that the last one even exceeds the quantity.

When you enter the website, you will be amazed because everything is a game there. It is the case when you play even not to win money. You play to enjoy the process of gambling.

Everyone is eager to win. Casino heroes also wants to see a fighting spirit in their players. That is why they offer spectacular bonuses and promotions to help you succeed easier, making winning chances high enough. To prove it, they display the biggest winner for today on the website Maybe you will be on their screen as well. You will never know unless you try.

Keep on reading the review even though you are already interested in this casino. Do not hurry up to start playing because there are so many exciting features are waiting for you here.

Safety with licenses

Let us talk about some formality. The first thing you have to care when you look for an ideal casino in Canada is safety. It is true that playing online casinos is more risky than playing real ones. Therefore, Casino Heroes has a license from the greatest regulation in the world, Malta Gaming Authority, to guarantee security each their player. It is worthwhile to notice, they are licensed by Curacao. The last one is also a top country in terms of gambling authority.

What benefits do it to you, right? The availability of these licenses means that the casino will have a separate account for your budget, once you have made a deposit. Consequently, you have nothing to worry about. Your money certainly does not be used in their internal purposes. Moreover, there are almost 500 000 registered players. We think if they do not find any benefits from the site, they delete their account. This amount proves otherwise.

Casino Heroes wants you to be entertained by games. Other responsibilities are their business.


Do you want to get into a fairy tale? If so, you should go onto their website. Do you believe that something can be both exciting and user-friendly? The design of Casino Heroes has all these features.

A home page tells you all about how to play their extra adventure and it shows a set of the most popular games as well. In their right top menu, you can find information about bonuses, other games, the FAQs and, of course, the terms of playing. The main rule of any player is not to start gambling unless you read all the game conditions. Especially if you want to play with real money.

Multi-platform gameplay

Just imagine that you can see all the beauty of the design not only in front of your computer. Do you wonder what can it be? Easy. The Casino heroes team has adapted all the games for any sort of smartphones. Moreover, all desktop games are optimized for the most popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

You have two ways to either play games via mobile or tablet. The first one is just open your browser to and start playing immediately. You have the opportunity to save your game history on the desktop version and continue playing from that moment on your mobile device. For your convenience, you can save the desktop website as a shortcut. When you click on the icon, using your smartphone, it opens the site directly in no time.

The second way is to download Casino heroes’ mobile app on your device. Then you should enter your login to your account and continue playing. With the NetEnt technology, players are able to enjoy enhanced touchscreen games as well.

Another advantage of using an app is all the bonuses are available here too. You do not miss out the exclusive promotions for sure.

There is one more thing that can worry you. What happens if you get a phone call while playing games at this device? No, you do not lose the game and accordingly your money. After the call, you will be able to start game where it ended.

Play Smart

For those players who do not know what means too much, Heroes casino has created a feature called responsible gaming.

Sometimes customers play games to make money as fast as possible, not taking into account one important thing. They have the equal chances to lose as well. Therefore, the casino encourages their players to use the responsible gaming tools and set the money or wagering limits.

There are three common types of limits. Let us look at each of them to understand which one to use.

  1. The deposit limit. It tells you how much money you can deposit to your account. For example, you set a limit for €50 per week. In case if you win extra €100 and withdraw it, your limit will be €150 instead. It means that you cannot lose more than you have deposited for that week.
  2. The loss limit. It sends you reminders about how much you have lost so far and how much you can lose in general. It is important to notice that this limit considers only your own deposited money. For example, if you set a daily limit for €30 and reach this amount you will not be able to wager until the next day.
  3. The wager limit. With that tool, you will control the amount of money placed in casino games. You cannot gamble anymore for the specific period of time when you reach this limit. For example, you have set a daily limit for €50. It means that you will have an opportunity to wager within €50, regardless of winning or losing. After this amount, you will be restricted until the next day.

If you find it helpful then search for a player icon on your account and select to edit limits. You will have the opportunity to choose your limits by yourself. Do not forget an important thing. If you want to lower the set limits, you can do it instantly. Conversely, it takes one week to process a change. Play wisely anyway.

Variety of Games

Despite the wide range of games, Casino Heroes allows you easily navigate through all of them. Consequently, you do not need to spend time, monitoring your favourites.

They offer lists of slots, games with jackpot, roulette, blackjack and table games. If you are bored with classic poker, you can choose to play video poker, watching the other games as well.

There are also game groups like ‘New’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Suggestion’. Moreover, you can click the button ‘Continue Playing’ if you feel like it.

Live Casino

Imagine that you can play monopoly, even though you are home alone. Does it sound unbelievable? With the live casino at casino heroes, it is all possible. Even more.

Have you visited the real casino earlier but now you do not have this opportunity and feel like you miss something out? You have nothing to worry because the live online casino can replace it with no doubts.

Once you have clicked the button on the website, you will play games with professional dealers. You can watch this process on TV-streams with high quality. Moreover, you will be able to learn the new tricks from other players.

According to the site, you will feel the real land-based casino atmosphere gambling with others and having a chat with them. Anytime and anywhere.

Treasure islands

Have you ever wondered why this casino has such a name? Because of an extra game, created by Casino heroes’ developers. It has elevate this casino to the top place in Canada. In this review, we want to acquaint you with basic rules of this adventure. In addition, what benefits do it to you? Well, let us dive into it.

All you need to do in this unique game is to go through 3 fantastical islands. Does it sound easy? Not at all. Only heroes can cope with them, because there are some obstacles on the way. To become a champion you need to know what will be waiting for you there.

Treasure Island

Visualize a situation. In the first island, there are casino players who love gambling under the thriving King’s rules. The dragon, Betser, has stolen the Crown of the King. All you have to do is keep your way east, take it back and get all deserved prizes.

Rock of Riches

A nasty Boss, Unibetser, wants to make big money by building the gold slot machine. You need to climb up the mountain, have a fight with him and conquer the machine.

Mythical Mountains

Be careful while charging up the mountain. At the top of it, there is hidden a cursed holy grail. It has turned its protectors into angry bosses. Watch every step forward you, break the spell and take the grail.

In addition, casino games are related to your adventure. The more you play, the higher progression you have. If you complete the progression, you find mystery treasure bags with spectacular prizes. With no bonus codes. So make a bet (€0.20. min per spin) and get points to boost up your adventure.

At the end of each island, you will find the clickable boxes. They may contain Rubies/Weapons/20 Free Spins/Health/a Boss. The last one is the worst case unless you have found a weapon clicking the previous box to fight with a nasty boss.

The main mission for you is to get Rubies. They are the currency of the Islands. In general, customers can collect them by playing casino games.

It is no matter whether you lose or win. Just be an active player to gain more Rubies. When you have enough of them, you will go into the Ruby Store to buy amazing items to maximize your experience at Casino Heroes.

Casino Heroes’ Welcome Offer

Apart from adventure, Casino Heroes has other generous bonuses to give unforgettable experience. Firstly, they offer a welcome bonus for each new player. All you need to do to get it is sign up at casinoheroes to open your account and make your first deposit. As a result, you will get up to €50 bonus code free money. It will be credited to your budget in no time. In addition, for creating an account you will get 50 extra free spins as a great present.

No deposit Bonuses

The bonuses certainly do not end on the welcome offer. The casino explodes with many other promotions as well. For example, you can explore game of the week available for their customers. While gambling the game that week, you can enjoy additional offers with free codes. No deposit bonuses are required!

In addition, you will be able to find a Blitz mode at this casino. Do not know what it means, do you? Carry on with us. You just will see your winnings, having spins up to 6 times faster. Exclusively created for Canadian casino players!

If you are fond of enjoying the process of gambling more than anything else, this mode is definitely not your choice. Because the game slots spins so fast that you will not be able to see the reels. Moreover, Blitz has the same algorithm and chances of winning. One extra thing only included, you will have even more no deposit bonuses and free codes in this mode.

Free Spins

You can have a different amount of free spins depending on you deposit. In the welcome bonus of heroes casino, you can go for the free spins directly.

If you deposit €10, for instance, you will gain 25 free spins on any game you will choose. No bonus code is needed. All Canadian gamers have the opportunity to get extra 20 free spins playing a second Strike Slot Game with real money.

You can also collect free spins and rewarded bonuses in your Treasure Chest, while going through the islands’ regions. These objects will come in handy during your adventure in order to have more winning chances.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

When players have enough money on their accounts, they want to withdraw it as easy as possible. According to the conditions, you should credit your money back using the same option you have previously deposited with. Casinoheroes focuses on delivering the most stress-free methods possible.

A withdrawal time depends on a payment method. For example, the withdrawal process usually takes up 24 hours via e-wallet and 3 business days via debit/credit cards. The Casino heroes’ team does their best to make the casino service working without any delay.

It is worthwhile to notice that the above options do not charge any fees. To make a withdrawal your balance has to be minimum €10 and more, not including bonus money.

If you want to withdraw your bonus budget, you should follow the wagering requirements. It is x40 from the winning. For example, if you have won €5 from bonus offers, your condition would be €200. To see the remaining wagering balance you need to enter your login and select the withdrawal page on your account. In addition, it displays your deposited and bonus money.

Live Chat Support

Do you need help or are afraid to run into some problems? You have nothing to worry about with Casino heroes’ support team. You can ask a question their casino managers and get an instant response.

Do not hesitate to connect with them in case you do not find your question in the FAQs. The team is always kind to any player. For example, once they have answered a question, the manager asks: “Is there anything else that I can help you with today?” If you reply no, they wish you good weekend then.

Opening hours: 09:00 to 00:00. Even though the support chat does not work 24/7, believe that it is enough time to get all the needed answers and become a pro casino player.

Another way you can reach to the customer representative is via email. You can send any files or documents to [email protected].

Our Summary

Heroes casino definitely blows any Canadian player away. The first time you enter the site you will see a breathtaking design with an enhanced graphics. You feel like everything around you is game.

The casino does not want you to spend your time navigating menu instead of playing games. Consequently, they offer a wide range of quality games divided into groups to find quickly the ones you like. Just play games. They have cared about other unimportant things.

Moreover, it is obvious that this casino was created by casino enthusiasts. Because they have an extra game, designed exclusively for this casino. Only heroes manage to go through the adventure, including various obstacles on their way, and finally conquer money. The casino believes that you can become one of them and ask you to join in.

On top of that, they have some spectacular promotions for Canadian newcomers. Without any bonus codes! So, create your account to gamble popular games and take part in their adventure. During this time, they will indulge you with extra amazing offers, bonuses and free spins.

Finally yet importantly, all the games in Casino Heroes is adapted to mobile devices and tablets as well. They have a mobile app, where all the bonuses are included. As a result, you are able to enjoy playing anytime and anywhere.

admin - author and casino Player.